Record Number 14

Each section of the data has its own class, as to be readable by Zotero. I haven't yet developed a plugin for doing so, but would like to do so in the future. Memorial text is not in place for any of the claims yet, but I have included a placeholder field.

Basic information

Case Number: 14

Date: 1817-04-15

Summary of incident: Filed jointly with claim 13. Seeking payment for supplies furnished to Mina's expedition.

Amounts claimed

Principal: $

Interest: $

Interest percentage: %

Total: $608314

Date claim filed:


Award by U.S. judge: $417427

Award by Mexican judge: $

Final award principal: $

Final award interest: $

Final award total: $417427

Date of final decision: 1841-07-13

Location of incident

Place name at time: Not entered

Place name today: Not entered


Name: John Glenn

Name: David M. Perine

Company: Mexican Company of Baltimore

Ship (if ship involved)

Ship name: -

Ship type: -

Home port: -

Destination port: -

Destination of goods: -


Text of memorial:

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