Record Number 33

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Basic information

Case Number: 33

Date: 1835-03-02

Summary of incident: Captain of ship first could not leave Vera Cruz due to revolt at castle of Ulloa. Then, detained when attempting to leave because of attempting to trade between Mexico and Spanish Cuba, in violation of Mexican embargo.

Amounts claimed

Principal: $98154

Interest: $26163

Interest percentage: %

Total: $124317

Date claim filed:


Award by U.S. judge: $64262

Award by Mexican judge: $

Final award principal: $537

Final award interest: $

Final award total: $537

Date of final decision: 1842-01-20

Location of incident

Place name at time: Vera Cruz, Vera Cruz, Mexico

Place name today: Vera Cruz, Veracruz, Mexico


Name: I.P. Brittingham

Name: A.B. Issaverdeng

Company: Maritime Union & Commercial Insurance Company of New York

Ship (if ship involved)

Ship name: Ophir

Ship type: Brig

Ship name: Hidalgo

Ship type: Steamboat

Home port: New York, NY, USA

     (today New York, NY, USA)

Destination port: Vera Cruz, Vera Cruz, Mexico

     (today Vera Cruz, Veracruz, Mexico)

Destination of goods: -


Text of memorial:

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